Processing-System for mixed vegetables

Verarbeitungssystem Suppengrün

This machine has been specially developed for the bundling of mixed vegetables. Due to the special position of the support elements, it can also be used for binding of the other products such as spring onions, leeks, herbs, etc.

Functionality of the machine

The different vegetables are placed on produce carriers. These produce carriers are mounted on a conveyor chain. The vegetables are carried into the binding machine and automatically bundled.


Working height
700-900 mm
In feed chain, length
2,5-8,0 m
Total length of the machine
3,6 – 12,0 m
Electrical connection
380 Volt
Power consumption
ca.2 kW
Achievement, depending on the options
Mixed vegetables 1200-3000 bundles/hour, Herbs 1500-3600 bundles/hour

Standard elements

  • Produce carriers on a stainless steel chain (adapted to the specific products)
  • Control of the machine by a CPU
  • Optical sensor for produce monitoring
  • Electronic monitoring of chain system
  • High Performance – bundling machines
  • Fixed Speed 2800 bunches / hour
  • 2 bundling machines in the line

Additional elements

  • Optional bundling machines 3,4,5…
  • Electronic speed control from 2000 -4000 bundles/ hour
  • Collection conveyor at end of line
  • Labeling and printing device
  • Softbox for low tension and consistent bundling



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